Light It Up!

You know your school dance or prom is going to be lit, but let us make it fire with next level lighting designs. Besides tons of tracks to getcha moving, our lights will help drive the mood and pace of your dance. Our DJs are expert at bringing excitement and the right vibe to every song, whether we’re taking it down for slow jams or pumping up the energy for chest-pounding EDM beats. Have a theme? We’ve got you covered. Talk with a DJ about theme-based lighting to complete your look. We want you to outdo last year’s dance committee and help your school throw an epic dance party to be the envy of every class to come. You want laser beams? You got it. Glow in the dark bubbles? We wouldn’t dream of letting you rave without them. Moving heads, UV lights, color washes, uplights, and custom GOBOs? Do we look like party amateurs? Of course we can make it happen! Entrust your dance to us.

Music To Move You

It’s pretty tough to have an epic level dance party with an out of touch DJ playing lame music on inferior equipment. We would never wish such a tragic party fail on anyone! Our DJs know their music. Besides a huge collection of tunes, our DJs also know the right equipment and sound needed to keep your dance jumpin’ all night. We use superior sound equipment, including teeth rattling, floor shaking subwoofers that are all about that bass. Let’s get your party poppin’!
Why Choose Us!?

We’re not just DJs, we’re entertainers with a love of music, fun, and a flair for the dramatic. We love to see people have a great time, and we want to help you have the awesome-est school dance experience possible. We offer plenty of services besides music, making us the complete entertainment package.


All Texas DJs should have a current insurance policy, clean record, and clean music edits. This doesn’t mean they all do…but the real professionals will have them.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

  • Electronic song request forms
  • Unique crowd control
  • Music Videos
  • We increase sales through our marketing program – Lunch Jams, Promo Videos, Website, and Custom Flyers
  • High quality equipment – Our equipment uses far less power than the other guys. So, you’re saving money and saving the planet!
  • We fit every budget from $1,500-$100,000
  • Both Students and Faculty enjoy our performances.
  • We increase ticket sales


What makes us the right DJs for you?
  • Your committee can make the playlist
  • Our Video mixes will impress everyone at the dance
  • We have enough sound and lights to put on a concert for Drake and Beyonce!
  • We use social media to promote your dance. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc
  • All of our songs are clean cut, so you don’t have to worry about teachers ruining a great mix.

Don’t hesitate! Give us a call! 


Previous Events

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University of Texas
  Northeast Lakeview College

Texas Association of Student Councils

St. Mary's Hall

  Brandeis High School

  Brennan High School

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  John Jay High School
  Judson High School

  MacArthur High School

  Cole High School
  Ed White Middle School

  Krueger Middle School

  St. George Episcopal School

  St. Mary’s University
  Stevens High School
  Alamo Heights Junior School

  And More!
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